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Hey, everyone. I'm a laid-back guy looking for people who like to play mostly for fun, and maybe the occasional achievement. Co-op is always good, but I'm also up for friendly Score Duel/Tug of War matches on the various Rock Band games.

I have around 100 DLC, and I've imported RB1, RB2, Lego RB, Green Day RB, Track Pack 2, and AC/DC: Live.

Generally, I couldn't care less about scores, gold stars, or rankings on leaderboards. You won't find me playing exclusively on Expert, constantly shaking the whammy bar, planning out the best times to use overdrive, and so on. I prefer to hear a song played flawlessly or very close to it, so I really just focus on accuracy.

As for instruments and difficulty, I can play Expert on most anything, but I rarely do (except on bass) because like I said, I'd much rather kick back and play the song accurately than go for a high score. So, I usually have the most fun playing:
Guitar on Hard (Expert on the easier songs)
Bass on Expert (Hard on the tougher songs)
Drums on Medium
Vocals on Medium

Anyway, get in touch with me if you'd like to play, chat, whatever!

Oh, one more thing. My headset doesn't work too well and I rarely use it, so don't get offended if I'm not talking while we play. But feel free to send me an invite or whatever anytime you see me online, and choose whichever songs you like. I'm not picky.

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