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Originally Posted by Brambledamble View Post
Chapter 10:

- Open the door and find 2 Orbs behind it plus 3 more on the path.
- Jump down, fight the mechs and collect all Orbs on this huge platform. Turn around 180 from where you're supposed to throw Trip up and jump across the beams to collect a single Orb on the way. Once you reach the big platform, look down to see a smaller red platform with a 3-Orb-cluster.
- Throw Trip up, collect a single Orb on the way to the turret and then take it out.
It is very important to note that due a bug, if you die or restart the last checkpoint after jumping down in the area where the mecs are, all the orbs previously collected between the door and the jump, are not saved; therefore, since it is not possible to jump back up to the first platform of this area, you will be forced to re-play the whole damned chapter. Learnt it in the hard way... twice...
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