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Originally Posted by starmonday View Post
I think they also gave hints for a second dlc, because Ezio talks about dealing with Ceasare once and for all and that he needs a ship shortly after the numbers show up.
The Da Vinci Disappearance takes place in 1506 - the year before Ezio goes to Spain to kill Cesare in Sequence 9. That's why he talks about needing to charter a ship in the DLC.

On topic, I'm glad someone looked those co-ordinates up, I was interested to see where they pointed to! The location does seem to suggest that some portion of the next game would take place in America - but as the co-ordinates are intended for Desmond, it might suggest that he'll end up exploring around there in modern times? Probably not for the whole game though, maybe just a couple of sections where you play as Desmond, like in Brotherhood.
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