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Strategy for Four to the Floor

Okay, this achievement can be quite tricky, but there are two spots in which it is a little easier to get. The first spot (though you can't try it unless you reload the level after you acquire the skill) is a section in the level School Invasion that is mentioned in the guide so I won't explain it. The second spot, which I thought was MUCH easier to get, is in the level The Empty Seven's Story. After you start the level, you will be ambushed by androids. Defeat them and take the elevator down. You should be greeted with a cutscene with a swarm of androids. Now, do not jump off of the elevator to meet your foe. Instead, jump to the right or left, there should be what look like steps on either side. Make your way down to the third or second last step. At this point in time, the androids should all come running to you and should be in a giant cluster near the wall and the cut off point on the stairs. Now jump above them and press to perform a dropkick. Pretty much all the enemies will be affected because of how close they are and the enemies will be knocked back a bit; most of them will be hugging the corner and two walls. Immediately turn around and go into focus, then perform a perfect horizontal slash. Since the enemies are dazed from the previous attack, they barely have time to dodge and, if it allowed, I would have cut seven of them in half. The best part is that you don't have to go back to a previous level because the skill will be unlocked for you, and if you fail, just die as the checkpoint is right after the fight prior to the elevator. Hope this helps anyone having trouble with this achievement

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