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I also wrote down the coordinates and typed them into Google Earth. It is actually closer to Glenfield.

It being anywhere relatively close to a "Rome, NY" is just a coincidence. TONS of U.S. towns are named after major ancient cities. Rome GA, Sparta TN, Memphis TN (Memphis was the capital of Ancient Egypt btw), Venice FL. I think my point is proven with this.

Anyways, I am going to go ahead and say that the next game (AC3) will be played from the memory of another ancestor, period. **Spoiler** When they are talking they said that Desmond had entered a coma from not using the sedative earlier.

Most likely it will be during the American Revolution only because during a glyph you see George Washington holding a piece of eden.

If it were up to me, I would like to see it in Mexico, lots of Mayan, Aztec temples and also a location of the Spanish Inquisition. Evangelization of the region started in the mid-1520's. Since this DLC took place only around 15-20 years prior, Cesare Borgia (who was a Spaniard) was still alive and Ezio needed a ship to settle it once and for all. It already sounds fun hunting down Borgia in Mexico to protect the piece of eden that may be located in a Mesoamerica temple.
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