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So, after quite a few runs through arcade with Sayuri, I thought I would share my experience... hoping to let go some steam off.
Please share your 1-life run through exepriences, to keep ourselves motivated! We can do it!

I know it's because I make mistakes, but damn... This game can kill you the most ridiculous ways

The most common include:
n4) Level 8: falling on the electrified parts, when you thought you were almost there!
n3) Level 5 boss: he's so horrible, so much stuff going on... so much stuff to dodge if you don't take out the arm at the same time.... and then his random pattern shooting his bombs... urgh
n2) Level 7: the horrible chasing after Leviathan part... and randomly running in a grenade/private for a good 2HP hit straight to the face!
n1) Level 7: getting shot by a random private in the elevator shaft... where you can't see them but they can shoot you... and you just fall to your death. This is by far the most frequent and cheapest way I fail my 1-life run!

The most random one: on level 4 (highway) at the end of the tunnel part, when the two flaming cars come crashing at you... One of them, after being destroyed, just flew accross the screen!! Seemed like a weird glitch... Insta-kill.

The most ridiculous one: on my last attempt, I forgot to dodge the wagon the level 6 mid-boss throws at you... yeah the huge, entire, WAGON! didn't see it coming... Finished my run just to see how I would do... and I didn't die after that

I'm confident I will be able to do it in the end, but damn... it's long and tortuous way to get there, made of stupid mistakes leading to cheap ridiculous deaths.
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