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Unachievable Achievements

[eM] -eNCHANT arM- (Korean)
Maximum: 700/1000
-Purgatory (75G)
-The End (75G)
-Happy Ending (150G)
Reason: Simply Glitched!

1 vs. 100
Maximum 0/200
-Group Hug (10G)
-Trivia Fanatic (30G)
-Golden Century (25G)
-Hair Trigger (15G)
-Quick Draw (25G)
-Go Streaking (15G)
-Game Show Guru (25G)
-Quarter Century (10G)
-Speedy Delivery (20G)
-Safe Keeping (10G)
-Showboating Specialist (10G)
-Low Rider (5G)
Reason: There will be no more seasons.

2010 FIFA World Cup
Maximum 715/1000
-Single Star Group Stage (30G)
-Two Star Group Stage (20G)
-Three Star Group Stage (5G)
-Againts all odds (75G)
-Ultimate Underdogs (50G)
-Played well as a team (15G)
-First time on the world stage (15G)
-Dream Come True (5G)
-adidas Golden Shoe (25G)
-Undefeated Group Stage (15G)
-Better luck needed next time (20G)
-2010 FIFA World Cup
™ Fever (10G)
-Shameful (0G)
Reason: Server Closed on 6th December 2011.

American's Army: True Soldiers
Maximum 980/1000
-Golden Eagle (20G)
Reason: Clan servers got shutdown.

Apples to Apples
Maximum 190/200
-Social Addict (10G)
Reason: Facebook page required to get the achievement doesn't work anymore, making it unobtainable

ArcaniA : Gothic 4
Maximum: 950/1000
-Master Chef (10G)

-Geek (40G)
Reason : Glitch in the game that doesn't register all the recipes which in turn effects the Geek achievement

Army of Two (USA/EU/Asia)
Maximum: 1005/1250; (Asia Version): 880/1000
-Boots on the Ground (10G)
-The Devil's in the Details (20G)
-Surviving the Game (25G)
-One Gun is Enough (35G)
-Reteriment Savings Plan (40G)
-True SSC Challenger (25G)
-Barrel SSC Challenger (25G)
-SSC Challenge Win (25G)
-SSC Challenge Marksman (25G)
-That's right. Who's laughing now (15G)
Reason: Server Closed 11th August 2011.

Army of Two: The 40th Day (All version)
Maximum: 1240/1250
-DIY PMC (10G)
Reason: The mask website got replaced with a page of the upcoming game. So you won't be able to access it in anyway.

Maximum: 840/1000
-Clownfish (black) eggs hatched (20G)
-Anemone eggs hatched (20G)
-Black-tailed humbug eggs hatched (20G)
-Neon green eggs hatched (20G)
-Corydoras Aeneusu eggs hatched (20G)
-Akebonohaze eggs hatched (20G)
-White-spot puller eggs hatched (20G)
-Corydoras panda eggs hatched (20G)
Reason: The DLC needed for these achievements was never released.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Maximum 500/1000
-Army Cross: Online (20 G)
-Air Force Cross: Online (20 G)
-Marksman: Online (20 G)
-Mechanic: Online (20 G)
-Medic: Online (20 G)
-Navy Cross: Online (20 G)
-Expert Assault: Online (25 G)
-Expert Sniper: Online (25 G)
-Expert Special Ops: Online (25 G)
-Expert Support: Online (25 G)
-Grenadier: Online (20 G)
-Commando: Online (20 G)
-Sapper: Online (20 G)
-Expert Use Of Mortar: Online (20 G)
-Practiced (5 G)
-Seasoned (20 G)
-Veteran (50 G)
-Team (5 G)
-Alliance (20 G)
-Coalition (50 G)
-Conqueror (5 G)
-Dominator (20 G)
Reason: Server Closed 11th August 2011.

Brain Challenge HD (WP7)
Maximum 140/200
-Get all the Game (10G)
-40% Brain Usage (10G)
-60% Brain Usage (20G)
-80% Brain Usage (20G)
Reason: Glitched. Achievements pop in-game but won't upload in the profile.

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway (German/Japanese)
Maximum: 1000/1000
-Victory or Death (0G)
-Novice Capturer (0G)
-Veteran Capturer (0G)
Reason: Simply Gitched. German/Japanese versions are glitched, the European version works fine.

Cars: Race-O-Rama
Maximum: 900/1000

Reason: Simply Glitched!

Maximum: 160/1000
-Scout Valor (20G)
-Soldier Valor (20G)
-Sniper Valor (20G)
-Command Valor (20G)
-Gunner Valor (20G)
-Defense Valor (20G)
-Gold Eagle (20G)
-Gold Cross (20G)
-Gold Hexagon (20G)
-Gold Sword Cross (20G)
-Gold Wing (20G)
-Gold Lion (20G)
-Hover Specialist (20G)
-Wheel Specialist (20G)
-Biped Specialist (20G)
-Inverse Specialist (20G)
-Tread Spec. (20G)
-Multi Spec. (20G)
-Bronze Wing (20G)
-Bronze Flag (20G)
-Bronze Hammer (20G)
-Bronze Patriot (20G)
-Silver Wing (20G)
-Silver Flag (20G)
-Silver Hammer (20G)
-Silver Patriot (20G)
-Crushing Award (20G)
-Storming Award (20G)
-Survival Award (20G)
-Bloodless Award (20G)
-Combat Award (20G)
-Humane Award (20G)
-Marching Service (20G)
-Touring Service (20G)
-Military Service (20G)
-Distinguished Service (20G)
-Red Flag (20G)
-Nation Resurrector (20G)
-Capital Occupation (20G)
-Neroimus War Medal (20g)
-HOUND Specialist (20G)
Reason: Servers were closed on January 7th, 2010. There were words about fans wanting to adopt servers, but SEGA rejected it.

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