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Unachievable Achievements Pt.2

College Hoops 2K7
Maximum: 530/1000
-My Availability (20G)
-1 Online Ranked Win (15G)
-10 Online Ranked Wins (20G)
-20 Online Ranked Wins (25G)
-Streak of 3 Ranked Wins (15G)
-Streak of 5 Ranked Wins (20G)
-Streak of 7 Ranked Wins (25G)
-Congenial Award (15G)
-Super Congenial Award (20G)
-Online Guru (15G)
-Hard-earned Win (20G)
-Big Game Hunt (15G)
-Bigger Game Hunt (20G)
-Cruel "D" (15G)
-Merciless "D" (20G)
-Online Tourney Win (15G)
-Online Tourney Champ (25G)
-Online League Win (15G)
-Pontiac (Online) (20G)
-Individual Record Breaker (25G)
-Team Record Breaker (25G)
-Conquered Legacy (25G)
-Online League Champ (40G)
Reason: Individual/team record breaker and Conquered Legacy achievements were glitched since release. Then 2K closed severs.

College Hoops 2K8
Maximum: 980/1000
-Pontiac (Online) (20G)
Reason: The Pontiac Tourney stopped running since 8th March, 2008.

Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst (WP7)
Maximum 0/200
-First Time Buyer (10G)
-Respect My Authori-tah! (5G)
-Bad Touch (10G)
-First Hand Experience (10G)
-Homeland Security (15G)
-Walking Tall (15G)
-To The Max (5G)
-Shoulda Seen It When I Got Here (5G)
-Get Off My Lawn (5G)
-Skills for Kills (10G)
-Slumber Party (15G)
-Poker Night (10G)
-Scavenger Hunt (10G)
-Gift From Afar (20G)
-No Soliciting! (5G)
-Welcome Mat of Doom (10G)
-Paint The Town Red (10G)
-Workin' Overtime (10G)
-Dawn of A New Day (15G)
-What Goes Around (5G)
Reason: Game delisted and server closed with it.

Maximum: 765/1000

-Give Something Back (10G)
-First Rate (10G)
-Top Marks (10G)
-Pick of the Bunch (10G)
-Creation Craver (10G)
-Pick a Pick (10G)
-Radical Remix (15G)
-Share and Share Alike (15G)
-Rise to the Challenge (15G)
-Fave Rave (25G)
-Solution Sharer (25G)
-Challenger (15G)
-Challenge King (25G)
-Challenge Wizard (40G)
Reason: Server closed.

Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3
Maximum: 830/1000
-Purchase all Male Outfits (50G)
-Purchase all Female Outfits (50G)
-Complete all Street Challenges (20G)
-Complete all Club Challenges (50G)
The challenges require you to get a certain amount of 'Marvelous' ratings, which are impossible due to the glitched timing window, this also effects the clothes.

Dark Void (PC)
Maximum: 955/1000
-Demolition Derby (30G)
-Fireworks (15G)
Reason: Simply Glitched!

Deer Hunter 3D (WP7)
Maximum: 175/200
-All Year Round (25G)
Reason: Simply Glitched

Def Jam: Icon
Maximum: 685/1000
-Represent Yourself (5G)
-Getting Hot (15G)
-Critical Beat Down (50G)
-Get Your Mode On (20G)
-Rollin (50G)
-Ornery Bastard (100G)
-Domination (25G)
-Straight Clownin' (50G)
Reason: Servers Closed.

Def Jam: Rapstar
Maximum: 900/1000
-World Premiere (20G)
-You Be the Judge (10G)
-Well Connected (10G)
-Ain't Scared to Share It (20G)
-Immaculately Polished (20G)
-Stuntin' is a Habit (10G)
-Presence of Greatness (10G)
Reason: Server closed.

DIRT 2 (360/PC)
Maximum: 970/1000
-Tourney (20G)
-I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost! (10G)
Reason: DiRtNet is no longer avaliable, making those unobtainable

EA Sports Active 2
Maximum: 990/1000

-Making Friends (10G)
Reason: Server closed.

EA Sports MMA
Maximum: 670/1000
-Online Strikeforce Champion! (30G)
-World Strikeforce Champion! (30G)
-Marathon Fight Card (15G)
-Yellow Belt (15G)
-Orange Belt (15G)
-Green Belt (15G)
-Blue Belt (15G)
-Purple Belt (15G)
-Brown Belt (15G)
-Black Belt (20G)
-Red Belt (30G)
-White Belt Master (15G)

-Green Belt Master (15G)
-Brown Belt Master (15G)
-Black Belt Master (20G)
-Red Belt Master (20G)
-Ultimate Fan (15G)
-Learning from the Best (15G)
Reason: Server closed.

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