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Unachievable Achievements Pt.7

NHL 09
Maximum: 495/1000
-Position Player (25)
-Shut the Door (50)
-Streaker (25)
-People Person (25)
-Team Player (25)
-Be A Pro (25)
-Play Like The Pros (25)
-EA Sports™ Hockey League (50)
-Big Club (25)
-Online All The Time (30)
-Show Off (50)
-Say Cheese (50)
-EA Sports™ Hockey League Legend (100)
Reason: Servers Closed on Feb 2nd.

NHL 10
Maximum: 570/1000
-Gold Team (40)
-Silver Team (30)
-Bronze Team (20)
-Party Animal (15)
-It's a Challenge (15)
-Trophy Case (45)
-Out Of The Box (25)
-Century Play (35)
-All Play (15)
-It's Not Easy (25)
-Faceoff King (25)
-No Offsides (35)
-No Icing (35)
-Shootout Shutout (20)
Shootout Master (20)
-League Champion (30)

Reason: Servers Closed on October 2th, 2011.

Maximum: 735/1000
-Revenge (50G)
-Online Champion (115G)
-Online Gamer (100G)
-Quitter! (0G)
Reason: Revenge was glitched since release, servers closed now.

Maximum: 760/1000
-Revenge (40G)
-Online Champion (100G)
-Online Gamer (100G)
-Quitter (0G)
Reason: Revenge was glitched since release (like NHL 2K7), servers closed now.

Maximum: 960/1000
-Alter Ego (20G)
-Critic (20G)
Reason: The portion of Avatar/reel server has been closed.

NHL 2K10
Maximum: 990/1000
Achievements: 2K Blogger (10G)
Reason: Upload servers no longer avaliable.

Osmos (GFWL)
Maximum: 200/200
Achievements: <string test> (0G)
Reason: The developer only put 11 achievements in the game, so GFWL put an extra achievement in.
Resolve: None, developers issued a patch but Microsoft said "it wasn't worth the hassle"!

Phantasy Star Universe
Maximum: 1000/1250
-Alterazgohg Slayer (40G)
-De Rol Le Slayer (40G)
-Mother Brain Slayer (50G)
-Dark Falz Slayer (60G)
-Dark Falz 2 Slayer (60G)
Reason: Servers closed 9/7/12. Base 1000 still possible.

Project Gotham Racing 3
Maximum 905/1000
-Tournament Qualifier (50G)
-Gotham Hero (30G)
-Gotham TV Sports Fan (15G)
Reason: Tournament's and Gotham TV servers have stopped running and the developers closed too.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009/Winning Eleven 2009
Maximum 720/1000
-High Win Ratio (30G)
-Legends Master (50G)
-Best combination (10G)
-Combination Goal (20G)
-Total Combination (25G)
-Legends Debut (10G)
-Hat-trick (15G)
-Winning Streak (20G)
-Ultimate Player (100G)
Reason: Servers Closed 1st February. This also make Ultimate Player unobtainable if you didn't get Combination Goal before the closure.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/Winning Eleven 2010
Maximum 950/1000
-Winning Streak(Online) (20G)
-High Win Ratio(Online) (30G)
Reason: Server Closed 31st January.

Pure Football
Maximum: 745/1000
-On the Board (5G)
-Raising Your Game (10G)
-RSVP (10G)
-Attested Development (10G)
-Passion of the Crest (10G)
-Over Easy (20G)
-Top Flight (20G)
-Shoulders of the Giant (30G)
-Slump Buster (40G)
-Online Odyssey (100G)
Reason: Server Closed

Rapala Tournament Fishing
Maximum: 720/1000
-Shore Fishing Expert (20G)
-Master of Deceivement (135G)
-Fishing Reel Expert (25G)
-Fishing Line Expert (25G)
-Lure Master (75G)
Reason: Simply Glitched, poor game.

Rayman Raving Rabbids
Maximum: 750/1000
-Rayman Loves Drawing (100G)
-Rayman Loves Challenge (50G)
-Greatest Rayman Ever (100G)
Reason: Insufficient number of points available in the game to unlock the last set of challenges. There are a total of 173.000 points,
last challenge unlocks at 174.000 points.
Resolve: None, Ubisoft said the game is too old for patch.


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