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[CENTER]Unachievable Achievements Pt.8

Revolution (WP7)
Maximum: 180/200
-Empty Fort Knox (20G)

Reason: Level 47 has a bug in the gold medal in which requires you to complete in just 3 moves. So far nobody are able to do it.

SBK X: Superbike World Championship
Maximum 955/1000
-Extra is more than "normal" (45 G)
Reason: There is a bug in the EU version in which you can't unlock the "Kyoko Helmet", therefore the achievement isn't possible. The US version doesn't have this bug.

Section 8 (360/PC)
Maximum: 825/1250
-Desensitization (15G)
-Blitzkreig (50G)
-Conscientious Objector (0G)
-You're Doing It Right (25G)
-Badge Expert (35G)
-Feat Expert (20G)
-Badge Collector (15G)
-Feat Collector (10G)
-Top Brass (50G)
-Rising Star (30G)
-Ding! (15G)
-Plays Well with Others (10G)
-Veni, Vidi, Vici (20G)
-Blades 'n 'Nades (30G)
-Blood Lust (15G)
-Cutting to the Chase (20G)
Reason: Server closed due of legal issue

Maximum: 620/1000
Amauter Racer (10G)
-Amauter Trickster (10G)
-Pro Racer (30G)
-Pro Trickster (30G)
-Icon Racer (100G)
-Icon Trickster (100G)
-Online Addict (25G)
-Try Online (5G)
-Voyuer (5G)
-Exhibitionist (5G)
-Skate's Top Model (5G)
-Skate Celebrity (10G)
-Warming Up (5G)
-En Fuego! (15G)
-Enduring Icon (20G)

-You're a winner! (20G)
-Host with the Most (5G)
Reason: Server Closed 11th August 2011.
Resolve: You can try to play offline without the patch, read the note below.

Note from PointPlaceWI: The game is quite glitchy and sometimes it will unlock achievements which aren't supposed to unlock! So you may get luck and get one regarding the reel feature. Some vidoes showing the glitch!

Smash TV
Maximum: 150/200
Achievement: Game Master (50G)
Reason: Simply Glitched. Game now is delisted from Marketplace.

Test Drive Unlimited
Maximum: 950/1000

-TRADE (10G)
Reason: Server Closed 29th September 2012. Ranked victories are still achievable.

The Club (PC)
Maximum 970/1000
-Bag Them Bones (30G)

Reason: Simply Glitched!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
Maximum: 0/960
-High Roller (25G)
-Baller Status (75G)
-Eagle Extravaganza (50G)
-Try a Tournament (15G)
-Birdie Buster (10G)
-Getting the Hang of it (25g)
-Great! Can You Do it Again? (25G)
-Not a Fluke (50G)
-Short Stick Master (50G)
-Aces Wild (50G)
-On Fire (50G)
-King of the Hill (125G)
-Ka-Ching! (75G)
-Aren't You Sick of This Yet? (125G)
-Play Some Online (10G)
-Number 1 (200G)
Reason: Number 1 and Play Some Online were glitched since release. All other achievements became unachievable after server closure. Thanks to TheDudeWithTheFace for testing.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Maximum: 950/1000
-Play in 5 online Tournaments (20G)
-High Roller (15G)
-Getting the Hang of it (15G)
Reason: Server Closed.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Maximum: 835/1000
-Zapper (10G)
-Reality Star (35G)
-EA SPORTS GamerNet 1000 (35G)
-EA SPORTS GamerNet 5000 (75G)
-Anchor Man (10G)
Reason: Server Closed May 11, 2010.


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