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Unachievable Achievements Pt.10

Yoostar 2: In The Movies
Maximum: 880/1000
-Extra! Extra! (10G)
-Welcome to the Community (10G)
-Pillar Of The Community (30G)
-Critic (5G)
-Master of Ceremonies (10G)
-Veteran Critic (50G)
-Seal Of Approval (5G)
Reason: Server Closed

Yoostar on MTV
Maximum: 800/1000
-Going Public (20G)
-Hogging the Limelight (25G)
-Check out the Lounge (30G)
-Lounge Lizard (40G)
-Awards Ceremony (20G)
-Host The Awards (20G)
-How Does It Stack Up? (25G)
-Veteran Reviewer (20G)
Reason: Server Closed

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