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27-3-2011, We have 3 online achievements boosters + boosting tips

Update on 3rd April, with great help from Der Mentalist, Drugrim, I finally got all online achievements of AC6.

To anyone who want to boost, Drugrim and Der Mentalist have already got all Battle Royales. Both can still boost Team Battles and Siege Battles

For Team Battles, only the ONE person in the winning team (confirmed by Der Mentalist), with the highest score, can get ONE WIN (those in the winning team but at second or third highest scores CANNOT get a win). Therefore, for those in the winning team, they MUST ALL get EQUAL points.

For Battle Royales, according to previous players in this forum (as well as our testing), EQUAL SCORE counts as WINS (even everyone gets 0 points as how we did it), so basically everyone needs not shoot anything at all, and everyone can ALL get a win. Therefore, Battle Royales take only half of the time needed for Team Battles.

For Siege Battles, like Team Battles, those in the winning team MUST ALL get EQUAL points (we tested ourselves). Use CFA-44 Nosferatu to crash, not F22, as the time penalty is 39s instead of 30s, making the boosting 30% faster. The more players on one side to crash, the faster a round would end. As for 3 players, it downs to 11mins per round.

AC6 boosting is a very long progress, especially Siege Battles, but with constant boosting, bit by bit every day, nothing is impossible. To give everyone a rough idea how long it takes, I started boosting on 12nd March, and with around 3 to 4 hours a day, I got all online achievements on 2nd April, taking about 3 weeks.
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