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Originally Posted by Capn Doug View Post
If you truly want to try and list every glitch achievement, here are the ones from my library:

Dance Central: Work It Honey
Some people report that it is glitched and will unlock at random times.

MLB 2K10: High Crimes
This achievement is very touchy and requires a specific animation while performing the catch, obtainable with skill and persistence.

Rock Band 3: Most Authentic Strummer
Requires more than is stated on harder difficulties and can take multiple successes even on the stated difficulty

Bee Movie Game: You Rock Pollen Jock
You may have your save file glitch on you, allowing you to get all the required badges and still not get the achievement. To correct, you must delete your save file and try again.

Catan: All Achievements
If you unlock 2 achievements simultaneously, some can be permenantly locked. The only solution is to recover your tag on a new 360 and regain the achievements.

Conan: Mob Massacre & Strength of 10 Men
Unlocks randomly, hope for the best.

Disney's Bolt: Watch your Step
Glitchy and will unlock at an inappropriate time after much grinding on the game.

Fallout 3: Scientific Pursuits
You must get the quest from Dr. Li in Rivet City BEFORE visiting the Memorial, otherwise, it will not unlock.

Guitar Hero 5: Sampler Plate
This is glitched and will not record some game modes if you have gotten too many before going to multiplayer. Many recommendations, not all accurate, but no fool proof plan exists.

Jumper: Drop Dead
Will unlock randomly in your second playthrough as opposed to after seeing every Dead Drop Scene.

MLB 2K9: Grand Poobah
Will not necessarily unlock when you get every achievement. Resolved by meeting the requirements for previously unlocked achievement.

Sigh... Lots more if I checked as opposed to doing it off the top of my head.

Oh, and EVERY GFWL achievement can count as glitchy since they don't always register on after unlocking, meaning that you GFWL client can say one thing, while the only resource that counts for your gamerscore says another.
Did other people experiecened this problems? Will gradually add new entries. As a matter of fact, I will just add the ones that give most problems, not necessarily all of them.

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