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Originally Posted by Todaysforgotten View Post
Today i had a no-hit, no damage run all the way till the end of 7. I finished up the missile part and figured incase i mess up this part i will switch from laser to machine gun and still finish the levels just to say i finally did it. Well, I finish the missile section, start running with machine gun and a dog hits me...
Ow... that sucks... No-hit run, damn I'm nowhere near to doing that

luffybuggy> I don't see coop making the 1-life clear easier.
On all the parts with pits you would have to be perfecty syncronised to make it without dying... so that would require commitment, training and great communication with your partner
My opinion is: you're better off learning where the ennemies are, and the boss paterns... and dealing with your own stupid mistakes rather than another's!
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