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You're Not the Boss of Me 10
Beat Larry, Lily, or Daisy in a Pro Takedown

You will unlock Larry Louche after beating both Sonny Sky (Level 3) and Rachel (Level 7), Lily Sun after beating Mel Mathews (Level 12) and Rai Singh (Level 16), and Daisy Deuce after beating Johnny Spade (Level 22) and Marshall Star (Level 26). You only need to beat one for the achievement. You do not have to reach the level listed with each "boss" character, just beat the two Pros before him/her.

Larry Louche has a bully style. This means that he will be raise the bets trying to get you to fold. Just don't match his high bets until you get a good hand then try to use his aggressiveness against him.

Stylish Host 5
Hosted a multiplayer game with customized table, chair, and card styles

Go into the Multiplayer, choose Create New Game, use default rules, change the table, chairs and card styles, and start it up. You don't have to play the game, the achievement will unlock in the lobby.

Trickster 5
Performed a chip trick at the table or while a menu screen is displayed

Just simply press , , during a hand or at the menu screen and the achievement will unlock.

Ding! Grats! 5
Leveled up to 2

See Ding! Top Dog!
Took Down a Pro 10
Won a Pro Takedown

You will unlock your first pro, Sonny Skye, at level 3. He has a loose-passive style so it shouldn't be that hard to beat him if you play it smart.

Extra Tricky 10
Performed 3 different chip tricks in the same hand

You will earn your third trick at level 14. You can check your tricks list in multiplayer by pressing and scrolling over a page. Just do any three of these in one hand. The first three chip tricks you will unlock are the following
The Knuckler:

The Final Table 20
Won the All-Pro Tournament

The All-Pro Tournament will unlock after you have beat all of the Pros in Pro Takedown. This tournament will have you playing all of the Pros at once. My best adviced is to play this very tight and fold unless you have a good hand. Also, about 4/5 times you can keep raising the bet after the river and the AI will kinda start a raise war and they should either fold after a few raises or call your bet. If they call your bet after the turn card, if they do not get a hand, they will check it. If they do this, simply raise and they will fold.

Here is a list of Pros and their play style as well:
Sonny Skye (Loose-Passive)
Rachel Raise (Loose-Aggressive)
Larry Louche (Bully)
Mel Mathews (Tight-Passive)
Rai Singh (Tight-Aggressive)
Lily Sun (Rock)
Johnny Spade (Iceman)
Marshall Star (Calculator)
Daisy Deuce (Shark)

If you are new to poker and do not know what the styles means, click here for to learn.

It's Like the Wave 10
All 10 players at a single table performed a chip trick during the same hand

You start off with one trick. You can do this in multiplayer by having everyone do this in one hand or you can start up a single player game, do a trick on the first hand, and wait a few minutes before finishing the hand.

Cardrack 10
Won two consecutive showdowns

Showdowns occur after the river. If there are atleast two players at the end of the betting, they will go into a showdown where they show their cards and decide a winner. You will have to win two in a row and this is based off of luck. I would keep the betting down low or checking to avoid the other players fold.
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