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Texas Heat Spring 2011 DLC Guide
Unattainable as of 5/28/11 due to Spring Season ending.

Texas Heat Summer 2011 DLC Guide

NOTE: The DLC is free. There are certain times you can play this (schedule is availble in the menu). However, if you are going for full completion, I would recommend doing them ASAP. Like the Spring DLC, they could end the season in the next few months and you could not be able to unlock them after that. Click here for an up to date list of times for Texas Heat as well as specials for the times (Note: The Summer Texas Heat Schedule has not been posted yet, but I will update the times when they are posted). (Credit to JC for finding the Facebook page)

NOTE: These are not the official tiles for the achievements, they look the same but may be a different color. I will update the official tiles as soon as I find out

Hot Pot Master, Summer 2011 10
Win a Hot Pot hand in Texas Heat’s Spring 2011 season

A Hot Pot occurs when there has been enough chips entered. You can check how much is needed for the Hot Pot by pressing . Once the Hot Pot occurs, the announcer will announce "Hot Pot" and the chip icon next to the pot amount will be on fire. Win this hand to unlock the achievement.

Gold Medal Champion Summer 2011 15
Finish a Texas Heat show with a Gold Medal in the Spring 2011 season

This will be the hardest achievement for the game. At the end of the round, you will be shown how much XP you earned that round. You don't have to be #1 but you do have to be atleast within the top 15% to get the Gold Medal. However, this isn't just the room you are in, this is for everyone playing at the time. I got this achievement by repeatedly folding and getting smart fold bonuses (except for one time, I went all in with pocket jacks and won) and got 19,000 xp. The winner had about 29,000 xp so you don't earn a ton of xp to get it. I would say if you have 17 or 18 thousand xp you will get it. You will also earn some bonus xp at the end of the game so don't panic if you are short before the game is over. Also, make sure you do not leave the game before it shows the board. Doing so will cost you the achievement.

A good tip would be is to change your avatar to a female and play on the ladies nights. Since the majority of the players in Texas Heat have male avatars, a female avatar could give you an advantage with the extra XP.

Winner’s Circle, Summer 2011 25
Accumulate a total of five million table chips across the Spring 2011 season of Texas Heat

Simply just keep playing the Texas Heat games. There are different tables with different amounts of starting chips: Diamond (2,500 Chips), Double Diamond (25,000 Chips), and Triple Diamond (250,000). However, you will not be able choose which table you go to. Tables will be assigned depending on how you do. You will be placed at a table to start at and if you are doing good, you will get to moved up, if you bust on Double or Triple, you will get moved down to the next table. At the end, you will get to keep a precentage of you winnings. You will also get chips for how depending on what your best hand was.

DLC: Texas Heat, Summer 2012 Season Guide

Alpha Dog 15
Win 25 tournaments

If you have already done this before the update, the achievement will unlock. If you haven't won enough tournaments or just starting this, you will get 10 tournament wins when going for The Final Table achievement. You can set up 15 two people tournaments to finish off this achievement quickly. You can check your progress by going into Help & Options and checking your Career Stats.

Name Of The Game 15
Win 10 hands with a Full House

This achievement is not retroactive. You will need to win 10 hands with Full House (two pairs and three of a kind). The best way to get this is to always play every hand. If you get a pair or better on the flop, check/call. If you have two pairs or better on the turn, check/call. When you get a full house, don't raise the bet because the computer might fold and could mean you won't get credit for it. The chances of getting a Full Houses varies but you will probably have this while going for the Poker Fan achievement.

Poker Fan 20
Play 10,000 hands of Full House Poker

This will be the biggest grind in this game. If you have played this before, all the hands played before the update will count towards the achievements. You can check your progress in the Help & Options-Career Stats. The best way to grind this is to set up a 30 person tournament. This will allow you to play more hands and work on more achievements if needed. I was able to play about 150 hands just in a tournament that I finished 8th in. Also if you have the WP7 version of the game, all the games you play on it will count. Just to be safe, I would recommend not playing your 10,000 hand on your phone though just incase it glitches.
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