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Originally Posted by Takamura Bear View Post
Is anyone else experiencing major freezing issues with this game? I've only experienced issues in legacy mode so far, although there has been a slight 1-second freezing/delay issue in the past few days in fight now mode, but it's minor compared to the following.

I'm 36-0 in legacy mode with my CAB, and was working towards the GOAT achievement. So close and the game decides to crash on me so far into it. It happens when I go to schedule a fight and when it's going through all the dates in the calendar, it just crashes on me.

But it's not just the game that crashes, my whole console freezes on me to the point where I can't even return to the dashboard.

I've tried installing the game to disc, playing offline and still no luck. Do I start all over again or get a new disc? Could it be something to do with importing a created fighter in legacy mode?

I read somehwhere on the EA forums that we won't be getting a patch for a few months to fix any issues. A major freezing issue such as this, if it is as common as I believe, should be fixed within a few weeks, not months.

Anyway, it will be interesting to know if anyone else on here is experiencing technical issues with the game.
i had problems on legacy mode 2 but its even worse online i have 2 fights and have to turn my xbox off its stupid wtf
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