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General Combat:

First Blood! 5
Kill a special enemy.

You get this once you've won first duel in the first chapter. The enemy shouldn't be much of a problem. Just follow the ingame tutorial and parry the attacks with followed by and you are done in less then a minute.

"Twentieth" Blood! 10
Kill 20 special enemies.

Special enemies are those who a have a "title" with a health gauge above them. You will get this after your fourth or fifth chapter.

No Mercy! 10
Perform 20 Finishers.

To perform a finisher you just have to press while the corresponding button flashes on the enemy. To trigger it either stun a enemy with or approach from behind while the enemy attacks an ally or while they are fleeing or if a special enemy is in critical health. This will net you 10 kleos and a satisfying animation.

I Like Choreography 25
Perform 3 different Finishers with each hero.

You can pull off at least 5 different finishers against enemies.
1. stun and then finish him facing his front
2. Finishing from behind
3. Initiate a finishing move from standing 3-5m away, usually you get something that involves jumping.
4. Make a shielded enemy drop his shield from a attack and then finish him
5. Finishing off an enemy that lies on the ground. To knock them to the ground used timed stun attacks.
Sometimes you may get also something different if you finish your enemy in duels.

The 8 heroes you have to play are:
- Achilles
- Odysseus
- Hector
- Paris
- Penthesilea
- Ajax
- Patroklos
- Aeneas

Efficient Killer 5
Perform a Finisher on each of the 6 special enemy types.

The enemy types you encounter sometimes vary by name and weapons, but will encounter them numerous times during the war. If you have trouble to finish them, try to get them to less than 10% health and try successive stun attacks until they can be finished.
- Militia Captains/Warlords have a standard sword and shield. Just use basic stun moves and parrys to finish them.
- Brutes have larger sword and tower shields. You encounter one in the second duel in the first chapter along with the parry tutorial.
- Slashers are dual wielding swords. Before you walk up the ridge in the first chapter you have to kill one of these. Parry is the key, but be cautious as they can inflict quite some damage.
- Hunters are dual wielding spears and tend to dodge quit often, but parry is effective as always.
- Slayers, these guys have a one-hand axe. You meet one while you claim the village with Achilles. Parry them like always.
- Crushers, they have big clubs. You meet the first while you play the second time with Hector and parry is effictive like always. If you block while they create a shockwave you won't take damage.

I'm Just Getting Started... 10
Kill 1000 enemies.

Sounds much, but will get this quite quickly after ~6-7 chapters. Just kill everything you see.
It's over 9000!!! 25
What! 9000 (kills)? There's no way that can be right! Can it?

You could farm the kills in Rampage or Bloodlust challenges, but you will so many enemies in the story that you won't need to.

First Action Hero 10
Defeat an enemy hero.

The first hero you can defeat is Patroklos while you play Hector in chapter 3. Nothing really challenging as you keep parrying. Once you drained enough of his health he will attack fiercer with timed attacks, so be ready to guard.

Practice Makes Perfect 15
Perform 100 Perfectly-Timed Attacks on enemies.

This game doesn't reward button mashing. If you press press or once the swing of attack is ending you a see a small white spark flashing, if you input your next attack at that time you will leave a orange swipe with your weapon indicating a timed attack. Kill 100 enemies with those attacks and you are fine. Shouldn't take much longer than chapter 4 or 5 depending how fast you master this.

Perfect! 10
Perform a 6-hit combo of Perfectly-Timed Quick Attacks on enemies.

First you have to buy the two gems of Perseus which cost 4000 total. Next step use a hero you like a pratice his 6 hit quick attack combo until you pull off all timed attacks without much thinking. Obviously the first one is always a standard attack, but all following have to be perfect timed(orange swipe). Now look for a large group of enemies preferably without shields as they delay the swings and messing up your memorized input. You have to kill at least one enemy with EACH attack. So if you miss to kill an enemy with one swing or get the timing wrong, repeat. I prefer the spot outside the town gates in chapter 5 Conquest with Achilles.
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Originally Posted by Asturgis
And always listen to Cra, his guides are absolutely badass
Guides: Ninja Blade, The Saboteur, Bayonetta, Alien Breed Ep1, AvP, Supreme Commander 2,N3 2, Legends of Troy, Half-Minute Hero:SMNC, Gatling Gears(most likely)

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