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I havent had any problem with the game freezing. Its always loaded up flawlessly. I did have one achievement that didnít pop up. The one for getting all the stage action badges, I got the badge, just not the achievement. Im hoping it might just pop when I get 100% in the game, but if not im sure it will on a second play through. Getting the flying badges isnít that hard and ill only have to play to level 6.

The only problem I see is the road map is way off, this game takes more than 10 hours. Just playing through from start to finish is about 10-12 minimum and then you have replay levels to mop up anything you didnít get the first time out, easily another 8-10 hours. This game has tons of mini games/side missions you have to do, not to mention all the flawless level or the time requirement achievements. itís a given that you will be playing each level at least 2-3 times, maybe more, plus all the side missions back at the hive.

If you can pick it up cheap its worth playing, just donít expect it to be a quick 1000. Itís actually somewhat fun to play. As for the people having freeze/crashing issues I think thatís more of a problem with their console, not the game.

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