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There's No Escape! 5
Kill a fleeing enemy by throwing a picked-up weapon.

Once you've killed a few enemies pick up an enemy weapon with and then lock onto the fleeing enemy with and press to throw the weapon.

Now That's Just Mean... 5
Kill 10 fleeing enemies by throwing picked-up weapons.

Shouldn't take too long to get this if you don't kill every last one you see and give them a chance to start running.

A Lot of Blood 10
Kill 50 enemies while in Fury.

You initiate fury with pressing and don't worry about the kill count as it is cumulative. You should get this after 3 or 4 chapters, depending how often you use it.

A Perfect Amount of Blood 25
Kill 496 enemies while in Fury.

A good way of getting kills would be the rampage or bloodlust challenge, if you want to boost the achievement. Another method would be replaying the start of Achilles "Wrath" chapter since you have unlimited fury for the first ~50 kills and tons of zombies in the river later on.

Denied! 10
Perform a parry on an enemy's parry in a duel.

Once you attack an enemy hero and you see a slow motion while your opponent performs a parry you have to parry the next incoming attack. Don't worry as you will get it in the final duel of Achilles vs. Hektor, since you can't kill without using counter parries.

10-Second Knockout 10
Defeat an enemy hero in under 10 seconds.

The easiest way is with items you get from beating the game on Expert with all secondary objectives and the 5 "hidden" challenges for 5 chapters. Equip Odysseus' Dagger, the Sword of Kronos(or something weaker if you don't have it yet), the Bracers of Jason, Broken Sword of Aristeia, Amazonian Royal Sash, Gem of Bellerophontes, the stone for each god, Chain of Zeus and the Bracelets of Ares and Hermes. Now start the arena challenge and spam and once you fight the heroes enter fury at the beginning of the fight and either kill them with strong attacks or use ,,,.

They See Me Rollin', They Hatin' 10
Perform a rolling Quick Attack on an enemy from behind.

More or less a random achievement. Your best bet is to roll with to an enemy who attacks one of your allies and then press . If you managed to land the hit in the enemie's back you got it.

What a Waste... 2
Miss all of your attacks while in fury.

You can get this in the first chapter, just get your gauge full and then approach an enemy group. Press , swing your sword a bit and wait until you run out of fury.
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Originally Posted by Asturgis
And always listen to Cra, his guides are absolutely badass
Guides: Ninja Blade, The Saboteur, Bayonetta, Alien Breed Ep1, AvP, Supreme Commander 2,N3 2, Legends of Troy, Half-Minute Hero:SMNC, Gatling Gears(most likely)

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