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Boss and Chapter related Combat:

Zombie Homicider 3
Perform a Finisher on an enemy zombie.

You will meet this the first time in your fight against the Statue of Apollo in the chapter "Plague". Stun them and then finish him.

Getting Kicked Down There... 15
Get 5 enemy zombies kicked by the statue of Apollo.

Be sure to extend your health bar to maximum, as even on Easy the attacks will hurt. He will only kick if you are positioned in the right spot. You have to stand in front of him, between his legs. His kick range is very limited and you can be glad if you manage to manoveur a zombie directly next to his feet. Either you are really good and you can do it only with 1 zombie alive at the time or try to lure the whole crowd around his legs while trying to activate the kick. You will get hit by the zombies several times in the process, but they are not dealing as much damage as Apollo. Wearing the Crown of Troy makes this easier, as you can block everything without turning.

7 of Clubs 15
Get 7 enemy soldiers killed by the Cyclops.

Once more a maxed health gauge helps here. Initially you fight against the Cyclops and 6 spear soldiers. Don't worry, once there are dead another set of 3 will spawn. Cyclops has to kill 7 in total and he has only two attacks. A shockwave which does only little damage and he throws "stones" he grabes from the ground. These do more damage, but with only one eye his aiming is terrible. You basicly have nothing more to do than running in circles across the arena and while you dodge the attacks try to get enemies lined up in the shockwaves and stones.

If you want to try it in the second phase you have to keep the soldiers in front of cyclops so once he swings the club he hits several of them, but I guess it is easier to do in the first phase, even if it takes longer.

Hard Target 15
Defeat the Griffin without getting hit by any sand pillar attacks.

Finally an easy boss achievement. As soon as the fight starts run to the side and evade the first attack. Then let Griffin dive towards you. After a few QTE he will take off. Now stand still and hold to block and wait until he comes down again. After the next of QTE you are done.

Stop with the Sibling Rivalry! 3
Do not attack Hippolyte when she comes to haunt you.

You will fight her as a boss fight. To unlock this just stand still and die. The story progresses automaticly at some point. Of course you can fight back on another playthrough.

Miss Kleos 15
Achieve 350 Kleos with Penthesilea during a chapter.

In the Chapter "Justice" you battle your way up north. You will find a greek camp to the east, run quickly past them and hope that they follow you. The Blessing worth 250 Kleos is waiting in the southeast deadend. Collect it and then just stun and finish your way through 8-9 enemies. Involves a bit of luck since the spearmen are throwing their weapons. If you get hit just restart the checkpoint. To make it a bit easier, if you can beat the epic Rampage challenge you get the Orb of Ouranos for purchase which will keep your Kleos counter alive even if you get hit by an enemy attack.

thanks to furysblade

This Is a Non-Smoking Section 15
Get 3 enemy zombies hit simultaneously by Lyssa's ground smoke attack.

After you battled your way through the Greeks with Ajax you finally face Lyssa. The will come straight at you. Just hit her a few times, once she retreats she will release a shockwave. Since there are several zombies in the arena this shouldn't be much of a problem.

By the Gods! 25
Kill 500 Trojans in Plague on Expert difficulty.

Be cautious when you kill groups, so that you kill most of them before they flee. If you are missing enemies before you enter the temple, backtrack and maybe you find some respawned enemies across the map.

Challenge related combat:

Gordie Howe Hat Trick 5
Complete the Arena, Rampage and Bloodlust challenges.

You unlock these as you progress in the story. However these are tough and I highly recommend to boost your stats with items before attempting it.

Here Comes A New Challenger 5
Reach Hektor in the Epic Bloodlust challenge within 10 minutes.

Epic Success 30
Complete the Epic Arena, Epic Rampage and Epic Bloodlust challenges.
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And always listen to Cra, his guides are absolutely badass
Guides: Ninja Blade, The Saboteur, Bayonetta, Alien Breed Ep1, AvP, Supreme Commander 2,N3 2, Legends of Troy, Half-Minute Hero:SMNC, Gatling Gears(most likely)

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