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From Paris with Honor 25
Defeat Menelaos in a duel for the hand of Helen.

You get this in the fourth chapter in which you play Paris for the first time. After you "win" against Menelaos you unlock this.

Where Is Your God Now? 25
Bring down the statue of Apollo.

You fight it during the chapter "Plague" with Achilles. There isn't much to it aside from dodging the "poison" attacks, shockwaves via pressing and fending off attacking zombies. The boss has 2 phases. The first is in fact the more "difficult" as he can walk around and has his sword for attacking. Once the health is depleted some really easy QTE kick in and then he lies on the ground ready for more punishment. A few more QTE in the end it thats it.

I'm Too Old for This Shi...p. 25
Escort Agamemnon to the Greek ships.

After you've beaten the cyclops with Hector you will have to get Agamemnon to safety as Ajax. Battle your way through the hordes with ,, until you reach the coast.

Cry Me a River! 25
Escape Skamandros.

Once you fight with Achilles again to get his revenge for the murder of Patroklos you will first fight a duel in the river and then you have to slay your way down south through hordes of zombie soldiers. Once you leave the river you are done.

Knock, Knock! 25
Open the gates of Troy for the Greek army.

Once you are outside of the wooden horse your next objective is to open the gates. Once you killed all the enemies guarding it you finished the objective.

Farewell, Troy... 50
Complete the game on any difficulty.

The story consists of 21 chapters. Once you finished them all on any difficulty, however I recommend easy or normal for the first time, you unlock this.
1st european to 1k Ninja Blade
1st on TA to 1k Warriors:Legends of Troy

Originally Posted by Asturgis
And always listen to Cra, his guides are absolutely badass
Guides: Ninja Blade, The Saboteur, Bayonetta, Alien Breed Ep1, AvP, Supreme Commander 2,N3 2, Legends of Troy, Half-Minute Hero:SMNC, Gatling Gears(most likely)

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