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Creature Catcher 10
Completed Chapter 2

*Story related, cannot be missed.

Trapped in the Tree House! 10
Completed Chapter 5

*Story related, cannot be missed.

In to the Greenhouse 10
Completed Chapter 10

*Story related, cannot be missed.

Through the Forest 10
Completed Chapter 15

*Story related, cannot be missed.

End of the Dream 10
Completed Dream Chronicles™. (Single Player Game)

*Story related, cannot be missed.

Faye and Fidget 20
Completed the game in Co-op Mode

This achievement can be done locally with another controller. Some of the puzzles and item locations can change in co-op mode.
I will list the trickier ones here: *Note this worked on my playthrough.
Chapter 3: Lyra's room (Dollhouse) - There are 6 switches you can press in order to turn on the lights. Starting from the left side press switch nr. 1, nr. 2, nr. 4 and last nr. 6.
Chapter 9: Some of the notes changes in co-op mode. I have made a pictures to explain better (it can be seen by downloading the attachement further down:

2. EE F GG F E D
3. D E C D E F E C
4. CC D E D CC
5. A G E F D C
6. G A G E G A G E
7. EE G EE G

1. D E DD G BB A
2. C F AA G F
3. C E CC D A G F E
4. G E G A G F G E C E F E D E
5. A G E F D C
7. D E C D E F E C

Chapter 17:
In order to go up the stairs you have have to press some buttons in the right order. The order is changed in co-op.
The numbers starts from the left:
1st set: 1,4,2,3,2,1
2nd set: 2,3,1,4,2,2,1
3rd set: 3,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1
4th set: 4,1,2,4,3,1,2,3,4,4,2

Jewel Apprentice 20
Completed 6 Dream Jewels

See Jewel Master achievement.

Jewel Master 20
Completed all Dream Jewels

See MajinFro's gem locations guide (All credits to him):

I Spy 20
Scored 800,000 points or better

See Eagle Eye achievement.

Eagle Eye 25
Scored 1,200,000 points or better

The best way to obtain this is to collect all of the gems and complete the game as fast as possible. I think you need to beat the game under 30 min.
See Dexterous Dreamer achievement if you want tips for the fastest way.

Dream Guide 20
Completed the game within 30 minutes

See Dexterous Dreamer achievement.

Dexterous Dreamer 25
Completed the game within 25 minutes

The key to this achievement is to memorize everything. It is nearly impossible to get this achievement and collecting all the gems. This should be the last achievement you go for. Only concentrate on finishing the chapters as fast as possible and nothing else.
I have some tips for some of the chapters to help you save some time.
*Note that the curser moves faster by holding down the X button
*Always pause when you don't know what to do

Chapter 3: Lyra's room (dollhouse): The fastest way to turn on the switches is: (Starting from the left) Switch 1,2 and last 5.
Chapter 6: Garden: Do not dig holes all over to find the key. The key is usually left of the door just in front of the grass. This saves you time.
Chapter 7: Library: Pick up all the books from the floor. In order to save time here you need to know where and what the sections are in the bookcases before you do anything.
When you have all books in your inventory move your cursor on any of the books to read the name, then hit pause and find the right section for that book using the method below. Do that with every single book and you should save a lot of time.
*Note* Don't click on the books before you know where they should be placed because then you can't pause. The Pause button is the key factor here.
I have written the bookcases sections here (The highlighted sections are where the books should be placed)

Bookcase Left:
Math - Past, Present, and Future
History - Magic
Geology - Literature

Bookcase Middle:
Physics - World
Plants - Natural Forces
Music - Brain and Imagination

Bookcase Right:
Fairy Tales - Mythology
Water - Technology
Art - Travel

"The powers of winds" - Natural Forces
"Red Hot Tips from time in a volcano"- Travel
"Water, the mysterious friend" - Water
"Nostrapakus" Past, present and future
"Plants, Flowers and Humans"- Plants
"Studies of Rocks Unaffected by water" Geology
"Dreams and their darker interpretations" Brain and Imagination

Chapter 9: Parlor (Piano Room): Pick up all the paintings quickly after opening the piano. Place one painting on the wall then hit pause. The melody finishes in pause mode - this way you don't have to lose time listening to all of the tunes. After the tune finishes, play the right notes on the piano and hit pause again so the melody finishes. Do this with every painting.
*Note* There is a picture in the Faye and Fidget achievement description of the room with numbers to the paintings and notes.

Chapter 14: In Town: There is way to tell what items to place on the weight pillars. My advise is to quickly pick up all the toys (4) on the left and each of the 4 fruits then try placing each of them on the pillars. When you have tried them all pick up the 4 books on the right side and try placing them on the pillars. To know the item is correct it should say "The object that I placed here keeps the post exactly on the number mark of the post".

Chapter 16: In front of the mansion: Pick up the 4 items first - 1 on roof, 1 by left window and 2 on the ground. Then do the puzzles in this order:

*Remember to pick up the pieces that are within the puzzles before you go to the next puzzle.

Chapter 17: Mansion: The key here is to pause again when you reach the stairs puzzle. Click on the stairs and a light sequence begins - You need to pause when the sequence begins in order to save time. When it is finished click on the correct lights to move on. You need to do this 4 times.

The correct sequence are (starting from the left):
1st set: 1, 3, 1, 4
2nd set : 4 , 3, 1, 3, 2, 1
3rd set: 2 , 2, 3, 4, 4, 1, 2
4th set: 3, 1, 2, 4, 4 , 1, 2, 3, 4, 4

Chapter 18: Final Puzzle Room: Start with the right puzzle first - collect and place all the right ones there and move left to the rest of the puzzles.

I hope this helped you getting the 25 min. achivement. Always remember to pause and don't waste time on collecting gems.
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