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I have this game rented out at the moment and cant wait to buy it. I just dont have the cash to do so. :'( (fuckin economy)


I am looking to do all the online stuff. hopefully tonight/morning and today/afternoon (3-22/3-23)

so far the story though is bad ass.

I am going through on easy first upgrading my suit before i do super soldier since the stats carry over.

enjoying every bit of it

but yeah send me a message on live saying you want to boost the online stuff.
i dont know how many we will need i think it is 16 though.

so yep just send me a message and hopefully we can get everything worked out for everyone.
By far best game of the year so far.
Send me a message not F.R.

40,000 7/7/11
44,000 8/1/11
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