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Originally Posted by ShaolinShadow View Post
Your only aloud a 6 player party, If your going to boost MVP do free for all and level called Impact, Meet at the bottom of the elevator and make sure if your the boosters to all be in camo, This way its a little easier to know who's on your team, You will have a lot of randoms if you do not have another 6 player party but its not too bad, I had done it this way last night and 3 people had gotten it this way. Now if your going for the skill kills you do the same thing or you can try to get two groups of 6 but it will take a little while to find each other
I was able to make a 12 player party including a majority of the top 25. We did play some Private matches (which I believe did add experience) and then we went into matchmaking as well.

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