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Originally Posted by DeathStarkill View Post

Thorton, Inc. 10
Turn all your enemies into allies in one single career.

See Ask Questions First, Shoot Later for more info.

This achievement goes hand in hand with sparing everyone you can, so you will probably unlock this around the same time as Ask Questions First, Shoot Later. Unlike this achievement, you need everyone to either like you, or at the very least be neutral with you. Everyone also includes Leland, so you do need to get him to like you enough to offer you a position within Halbech, and you have to accept.

****Can you please update your guide regarding this is VERY misleading if not incorrect all together. As was posted in another guide on this get this achievement you do have to accept Leland's FIRST proposal to work together, but then you MUST BETRAY him during the endgame scene. After that you can punch him to keep ASK QUESTIONS FIRST in tact or shoot him for JUDGE JURY EXECUTIONER.

Also: I figured this out, but these additions will cause people a lot less stress if just add it (even though you and I know it dosen't matter)
1) Add Darcy to the list of names: He likes Suave and the game makes you kill him at the have no choice...he cannot be spared.
2) Add Ronald Sung: He likes Professional and if you save him from ASSASSINATION. BUT...if you decide to help the RIOTERS and he is will still get Thorton Inc. & Ask Questions First.

Otherwise....GREAT GUIDE...I was just SO pissed when I did all that work and I accepted Leland's SECOND offer because of how you worded it. Luckily...I just rebooted the last save and beat Yancy again and then betrayed Leland.
When is this first Leland proposing of working together?
and i have question. Can i do achiv" judge..." and do "thorton..."
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