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I made it!

At long last, the training paid off...

I barely did it though.
I had an almost perfect run, got hit by a piranha on 2 and caught by the flying thingies on 4 and 5.
And then on 8: I dash right into Tiberius Had 1 hit left (playing Sayuri)...
Then against Tiberius Augustus, I was spamming so hard that I accidentaly pressed ..!

Fortunately Sayuri has some kind of armor when doing her attacks, so I was left alive with a little sliver of health!!

Damn that was a crazy run, not very fast though: 58 min I think.

I'm now in the top 100 on the leaderboards (barely: 93th with 58M), I think I'll leave it at that, since the top is taken over by crazy grinders... (1st = 1 billion something... wow... I wonder how long he grinded the facility lol)
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