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Yes it's a good game.

They do a great job presenting events in and around the Trojan War.

Most of these are right out of Homer's "Iliad" and while many liberties have been taken in some areas for the sake of artistic license it all comes together fairly believably and everything is rendered with the in game engine.

Combat seems clumsy at first because your character has very little skill.

This is accrued and built up through the items you aquire and there are LOTS of items to aquire.

Even your basic combos have to be equipped as items.

Once you understand this you have the building blocks to getting the most out of your game.

Good fun if you like to chop people with swords.

Penthesilia, Queen of the Amazons and her Axe feels especially rewarding.

They've been pretty good with DLC for the other Warriors games. I wonder if this will be the same?

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