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Originally Posted by halopriest View Post
I can verify Ravenhoods result for the 3K glitch in chapter 2 (maxed out 378,000 credits).

That’s why I thought 126 is always the limiting number (maybe the program can handle max 126 different items at once or something like that). But it seems that the 10k glitch in chapter 2 is “glitchy” itself. Best is to make 2 savegames before start duplicating. I net only 900,000 (poor me ) but I didn’t want to load my savegame after duplicating 90 items.

Yeah, maybe someone else can try the 10k glitch and post the results.
I can verify both of Chapter 2's duplication items. (The 3,000 and the 10,000 credit bills)

As for the 10,000 I have got 900,000. My Dead Space edition is the Platinum Hits one, if that means anything to anyone.
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