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Medal of Honor 25
Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty

Please refer to 'Supersolider' for more details.

Men of Destiny 45
Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty

You'll unlock this achievement once you've completed the game on Veteran difficulty. This is kind of like the hard mode of games. Its not easy but its not hard. Overall, if you're an experienced FPS gamer you shouldn't have to much trouble on this.

Please refer to 'Supersolider' for more details.

Supersoldier 65
Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier

You'll unlock this achievement once you've completed the game on Supersolier difficulty. This difficulty is open to your right at the start, though it won't be as easy as the others. Its a little harder because your powers are all at 0, where as if you play through on a lower difficulty first, you can then Game+ them all over, making this a easier ride. Once all the levels are completed on Super Solider, all the difficulty achievements above will unlock including the set level ones.

Here are a few tactics to use while playing on Supersolider:
  • Maximum Stealth - You'll mainly want to use the Stealth as its a great way to simple vanish from the enemies line of site or even bypass whole areas without being caught. Use it to your advantage to get Stealth Kills as these will help stop unwanted gun fights.
  • Maximum Armour – Again another great power when in tough situations. If you have bullets flying everywhere and hitting you, put this on. It'll add that extra bit of protection while you find cover and is a life saver.
  • Skip – If you're in an area which you can simply skip and Stealth past everyone, why not do it. Again it'll save you from spending time fighting and will get the job done a lot quicker. Only do this though if you've played the game already as doing this on your first playthrough will ruin the experience.
  • Energy – Keep an eye on this. If you're on your first playthrough, don't think you can make it to the other end of the map in one go as you probably won't. If possible get up high and look at your surroundings. Plan a route and where you'll take cover, so you make it in one piece.
  • Visor – Use this when ever coming into a new area. Simply using this, you can locate and tag important things, mainly the enemies. By doing this you can easily keep track on each one and their movements.
  • Common Sense – Don't go in guns blazing as it'll probably only end in tears and broken controllers.
The most important things are your Nanosuit Upgrades. There's certain ones you're going to want to use when you play through on your 2nd run or buy on your 1st run though. Remember to have the upgrade highlighted for it to have any effect. You can only have one at a time from each segment equipped!
  • : Proximity Alarm - This will help you hear those sneaky enemies that may get close when you take cover or just don't have the time to tag.
  • : Nano Recharge - This one will help you pass those areas a lot quicker when you have to recharge your Energy and your Health. But its also best to use/buy the other 2 when is certain situations.
  • : Mobility Enhance - Simple really. Get past areas a lot quicker and use less Energy, meaning less stops and getting closer to your objective without getting caught.
  • : Stealth Enhance - Same as Mobility Enhance. These 2 combined you can pass fields without having to stop. And when you do, Nano Recharge will kick in and you'll be away again with seconds!
When I started on Supersoldier, I got past 12 levels within 2 hours max. In parts of the game where I wasn't forced to fight people (like the pier helicopter part etc) I must of killed a maximum of 10 enemies. With the tips and modules above you truly can blast through the game faster than if you started on Supersoldier on your first playthrough.


Close Encounters 15
Single Player: Stealth kill 25 enemies

You'll be taught about Stealth Kill during the 2nd level. All you need to do is go into Maximum Stealth with and come up behind any enemy without them knowing you're there. Once you're close enough wait for the prompt to pop up and press in to Stealth Kill your victum.

You'll easily get this early on if you concentrate on it and through the game you should mainly be going Stealth and getting these kills!

The Tourist 15
Find all New York Souvenirs

Theres a total of 18 Souveniers in Crysis 2 and its campaign. Most are in plan site as you make your way through each area and certain shops but there are a fair few in sneaky little places.

Here's what some of them look like:

For a full written guide on all the collectables please go HERE. Also below is a full video guide of the locations of each Souvenir.

Fastball 15
Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them

This again is a pretty straight forward achievement. To pick an object up, walk up to it and hold . Then get close to your target and press to throw it at them. Now a normal throw probably won't be powerful enough to kill a standard human with one hit, so your best bet it to power charge it up by holding down until all your energy is used. This makes the throw a lot more powerful and will have a greater chance at killing your target a lot faster.

If trying to kill the CELL/CEPH is proving difficult your best bet is to wait a little later on when you come across the Swarm CEPH. These little creatures can't harm you and take one hit to kill with semi powerful throw of most objects.


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