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Death Grip 15
Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw

Another simple and easy achievement that you can get out of the way pretty soon in the game. To grab your target, walk up to them and hold . Once you've grabbed the target they will die straight away, so don't panic. Simply grab a CELL or CEPH unit and throw them anywhere for it to count.

Do this another 9 times and the achievement will unlock.

Popcorn 15
Single Player: Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon

You'll come across this gun [X-43 MIKE] multiple times during the campaign. Here's what it looks like:

Here are a few spots where you can find the gun:
  • When working your way through the subway, it'll be on the ground in the middle of loads of ammo. This is just before you blow the rubble up to make a new path and with a fair few Swarm CEPH running about.
  • When you finally meet Hargreaves and he reveals himself, walk into his room and look in the machine next to him on his right. The gun will be there.
  • Later on after meeting Hargreave's, you'll finally make it onto the bridge after going up 2 lifts. Walk past the destroyed lorry on your left, over the small barrier and it'll be on the floor next to the ammo crate.
  • After the collapsed bridge scene and you finally make it to land again. The gun will be on the floor to your left just behind the APC.
  • When making your way to Central Park you'll get split up from the gang when your vehicle gets destroyed. Work your way past the initial group of CEPH and head into the building. Get in the lift which will take you to the next floor. When you leave the lift, look to your left and the gun will be on the ground next to the fallen vending machine.
  • Later on, following on from the point above, you'll need to descend the building you're in. Once you jump out of it you'll be on a rooftop and across onto the other building below you'll see 2 small greenhouses. In front of the right hand side one is a stair case leading up into bigger destroyed greenhouse. In here next to the ammo crate on the bottom floor is the gun.
  • During the Central Park mission, you'll come to a part early one when the whole area will be covered with CEPH. Once you've passed them, you'll go up some rounded marble like stairs which has a dome in the middle. Kill 2 CEPH up the top and head towards your objective. You'll see 2 trailers on the edge of the cliff to your right. The sliver one is slightly open and has a barrel inside. Shoot the barrel to blow it open and inside will be the gun. This is in the same area as the last Souvenir.
You should have no trouble getting 20 kills with this gun. Just use it until the ammo runs out and then pick it up later on and finish off the remaining kills. Your best bet is to use single fire shots at the normal CEPH. It should take about 3/4 hits to kill with just 4 bullets (unless you get a headshot). Don't waste the ammo on the Tank CEPH though, as they still take a lot to kill, so its a waste of ammo.

Two Heads Are Better Than One 15
Single Player: Kill two enemies with a single bullet

This can be gained in the 2nd level, Second Chance. You'll obviously need to go into Maximum Stealth, so that the enemies don't notice you and are not moving around. Any gun is fine to use but make sure you only shoot one bullet, so the pistol or a single shot assault rifle will be the best idea.

Line up 2 guys and aim at their heads. Shoot a single bullet to kill both of them with one hit!

Blast Radius 15
Single Player: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade

Your best chance to get this is a little later on in the 2nd level, Second Chance. First off make sure you have some grenades, so use you Visor to locate some ammo crates and see if they're holding any. Once you've obtained some, head down into the subway.

Work your way through and you'll come to a gate you need to lift. First pre-load your grenades (double tap ) and then open the gate. A CELL unit will run out of the corner followed by some Swarm CEPH. Throw the grenade at his feet and let it kill all in front of you for the achievement to unlock!

Headhunter 15
Single Player: Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots

This is best done on the human (CELL) enemies as its a little easier to get a clean headshot. Again go into Maximum Stealth, get close and line up a headshot on your target. Take a shot and you'll get an instant kill.

If you get caught, go into Stealth mode again and hide until you're safe to come out and get another clean shot!

Death Slide 15
Single Player: Kill 5 enemies while sliding

This can be done fairly early on and pretty much in the same area as the 'Blast Radius' achievement. Once you've thrown the grenade walk around the corner and you'll see more Swarm CELL and there should be more than enough of them to kill.

To slide you need to first sprint by pressing and holding in then while sprinting hold down to slide for a period of time. What gun you use doesn't matter, though some on certain targets are better, like the shotgun. I simply just kept sliding in this corridor with my assault rifle and killed all the Swarm CELL and the achievement unlocked!


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