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Food for thought 10
Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan

You can only gain this during the 2nd level, Second Chance. Shortly after learning about the Maximum Armour power you'll enter out of a building and onto a rooftop. If you look to the left corner you'll see the donut. Go into your Visor and tag all the CELL units about. After a short conversation between them all, they will split up from around the fire.

Now head over to the donut and wait for one of the guys to get close and just below the donut. To make it fall you can either shoot it or by holding , but I recommend holding if you don't want to get caught. Once he's close, trigger the donut to fall and it should kill the guy and the achievement will pop up a little after the guys have rushed over to him.

Hole in One 10
Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart

First make sure you're on the mission 'Dark Heart'. During this mission you'll be given the objective of sabotaging some CEPH equipment. Once you start heading to the 3rd one, you'll come to a little area with the objective on your left and the sinkhole to right, down below.

All you need to do is grab (hold at target) and throw (press ) them down the hole.

Band of Brothers 15
Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die

At the start of the level, Semper Fi or Die, you'll meet up with the Marines. As soon as you have control the CEPH will start to attack you and your team. Make your way down the hill and under the broken train track to where the main attack will happen.

Once there, hordes of CEPH will pop up around the battle area and attack you. Your main goal is to help defend the area and not let any of your teammates die. Its a pretty simple fight but keep an eye out, as sometimes some CEPH get behind you without you knowing it and can pick off your guys!

Stay in the sight of the CEPH to draw any fire away from them and don't go into Stealth otherwise the attacks will be focused on your guys! Once all are dead, you'll be heading towards a building killing off the last few. Once you've made it inside and to the objective the achievement will unlock!

Literary Agent 10
Scan all of Richard Morgan's books in the NY public library

On the level 'Train to Catch' you'll need to head into the burning library after defending it. Upon entering after you've made your way through the burning entrance with your Maximum Armour, look to the right to see the book shelf.

Bring up your Visor () and you'll see a yellow target on the top shelf. Walk up to it and press to tag it and the achievement will unlock.

Stealth Assassin 15
Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected

In the level 'Eye of the Storm' you'll be on a prison island. To unlock this achievement you'll need to make it to your objective without being detected, so that's the bar going into the red. You should of by now, upgraded your Nanosuit and its Stealth powers. Meaning you can stay hidden for longer and your Energy will recharge faster!

Use the right angled walls as cover and work your way through the complex. It may be worth before you start on your little trek, is to use your Visor and tag as many guys as you can see. This way you can see there movements and routes and plan your path before hand.


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