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Speeding Ticket 10
Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras

There are a total of 10 speed cameras throughout the game. They're all not visible and sometimes in a part of the level where you don't need to go. To spot a speed camera, they're a big white box attached to lampposts. Most are on the roads but some are sideways on broken rubble etc.

To trigger the camera and make it give you a Speeding Ticket, line yourself up with it and simply sprint up/past it. The camera will flash and hand you a ticket, plus the game also saves. You can't repeat this on the same camera, so each one has to be done on a different one, but for a strange bit of fun you can also run past them in Maximum Stealth and it'll still catch you!

Crysis, What Crysis? 35
Multiplayer: Reach Rank 50

One of the long haul achievements. Play any gametype you enjoy and just work your way up to level 50. It'll take around 1.4mil worth of XP to reach the top.

For a good boosting method, please go HERE. Please be warned Crytek now know the game is being abused like this are in the process of fixing it and dealing with people that maybe using it. So boost at your own risk!

League of Your Own 25
Multiplayer: Finish top of the Scoreboard

This can be gained in any gametype. You'll need to come top of the scoreboard points wise. Use your powers wisely and mix them up depending on the situation. Maximum Stealth is the best to use for sneaky and surprise attacks. If you get caught up in the moment, use Maximum Armour to protect you against those extra bullets.

The achievement will unlock once the game ends and the scoreboard is shown. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Dressed to Kill 30
Multiplayer: Fully level the Nanosuit

The Nanosuit is made up of 3 sections: Stealth, Armour and Power. You'll need to level all 3 of these to the top to unlock the achievement. To level each one you'll need to use the powers while playing a multiplayer game to add EXP to their bars.

Getting Stealth kills, using Armour to protect yourself and take damage etc will all add to it. The Power bar will level over time as its a mix of everything that you do during a game. The max level for each power is 12.

Tooled Up 30
Multiplayer: Unlock all the weapons

Has been known to be a bit Gltchy, though I had no trouble with it.

As you level up in the multiplayer you'll unlock Gun Tags which mean you can purchase a new gun. Use these to buy all the primary/secondary guns and the explosives and the achievement will unlock.

You'll unlock the last Gun Tag at around level 45 and here's a list of what you need to purchase for the achievement to unlock:
  • Feline [Sub-Machine Gun]
  • K-Volt [Sub-Machine Gun]
  • Grendel [Assault Rifle]
  • Scarab [Assault Rifle]
  • DSG-1 [Sniper Rifle]
  • M20 14 Gauss [Sniper Rifle]
  • Jackal [Shotgun]
  • Marshall [Shotgun]
  • MK.60 Mod 0 [Heavy]
  • L-Tag [Heavy]
  • X-43 MIKE [Heavy]
  • Hammer [Secondary]
  • AY69 [Secondary]
  • Majestic [Secondary]
  • Hammer [Secondary]
  • M34 Flash Bang [Concussion Grenade]
  • JAW [Explosive]
  • C4 [Explosive]
Perks do not count towards this achievement. If by any chance you've brought everything listed above and the achievement hasn't unlocked, you may need to either play a few more games for it to register or get to level 50 and prestige. But before you prestige make sure you have brought everything. The last alternative that may fix it is to equip everything from each gun its attachments.

Above are just ideas I'm throwing about to save you from really doing the levelling up grind all over again. If none of these methods work, then you have 2 choices. Level up to rank 45 again and buy everything again or wait for a possible patch from Crytek.

The Cleaner 25
Get 1 of each Skill Kill

Skill Kills are unique kills preformed while playing multiplayer. There's a total of 23 you'll need to preform to make the achievement unlock.

To find out which ones you've preformed and still need to get go to Operative Status>Service Record>General Tab and then scroll down to the bottom. You'll get most of them without realising it as you play but some like 'Psycho' are hard to get and may need to be boosted. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Here's a full list of each Skill Kill you'll need to preform:
  • First Strike: Get the first kill of the game.
  • Blind Fury: Kill someone while you're blinded by a flash bang.
  • Dead Air: Kill someone while they're in mid air.
  • Specter: Preform a stealth assassination.
  • Headshot: Kill someone by means of a Headshot.
  • Triple Kill: Get 3 kills within quick succession.
  • Psych: Get 5 kills within quick succession.
  • Vengeance: Kill the person that last killed you.
  • Puncture: Kill someone by means of bullet penetration.
  • Blinding: Kill someone who is blinded by a flash bang.
  • Combined Fire: Deal damage to someone with your primary weapon and then kill them with your secondary weapon.
  • Road Rage: Kill someone by kicking a car into them.
  • Denied: Kill someone which ends their killstreak.
  • Busted: Kill someone who is cloaked.
  • Defiant: Kill someone while you have a bloody screen (damaged).
  • Smackdown: Kill someone with an melee attack.
  • Double Kill: Get 2 kills within quick succession.
  • Relentless: Get 4 kills within quick succession.
  • Resurgence: Kill someone to end your death-streak.
  • Wingman: Kill someone from behind who is shooting at your teammate who is holding an objective.
  • Guardian: Kill someone that is shooting a teammate.
  • Flushed: Damage someone with grenade and then kill them with your primary weapon.
  • Intervention: Kill someone while they aim down sight at your teammate but have yet to fire a shot.
Cry Spy 25
Multiplayer: Get 30 Spot Assists

Spot Assists are easy but they mean you'll may need to take a back seat while playing. They can only be gained via team type games though, so not in a FFA. This is pretty much the same as the campaign, so go into your Visor () and scout the map for the other team players. Once you've spotted one, hover over them and they'll be tagged.

Now thay they're tagged, they will pop up on your teammates HUD. Now all you need to do is hopefully wait for them to kill the guy you tagged for you to get a Spot Assist EXP. Preform 29 more and the achievement will unlock. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Jack of all Trades 25
Multiplayer: Win a match of every game mode

Here's a list of the gametypes you'll need play and win on:
  • Instant Action
  • Team Instant Action
  • Capture the Relay
  • Crash Site
  • Extraction
  • Assault
Some of these gametypes don't unlock until a little bit later in the levels, so keep playing until they do. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

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