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Dedication 25
Play online 6 months after your first time

This achievement is currently glitched for well over 90% of the community that have played the game. For more information, please refer to the Roadmap.

This will be the last achievement you should receive. The games calendar registers only on the months that have passed. So you do not need to remember a precise day or time of when you first played your first online game. If you played in March, just play one online game in September and the achievement will unlock once it's over.

Modern Art 5
Unlock 150 Dog Tag displays

Dog Tags are similar to CoD: MW2/BO playercards. You can find your Dog Tags Displays under the Operative Status menu. The DTDs are split up into 4 sections:
  • General
  • Mystery
  • Medals
  • Awards
At the start all of the General ones are unlocked, so you're already be 64 ahead. To unlock the Mystery set you need to collect in match Dog Tags from your downed opponents. Once you've collected some, the figure will be shown in the bottom right corner of the Mystery tab. When you have some to unlock some Displays, simple hover over a tile and press to reveal and unlock it.

The Medal Displays are unlocked for doing certain/special things within a game or match. So like ripping of a mounted gun to swimming in Pier 17. Finally the Awards. These are the ones you'll be getting a lot of and are unlocked again by certain combat requirements during a match. Stuff like having the highest K/D at the end of the game to getting the winning kill. Some must be gained on other gametypes though. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

For an overview on how to obtain each Dog Tag, please go HERE.

Try Me 10
Complete 3 Xbox LIVE matches

Start any gametype and playthrough until the end. Do this 2 more times and the achievement will unlock. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

The Collector 15
Collect 20 Dog Tags

To collect a Dog Tag you need to kill the opposite team. When one is downed by you they'll drop their Dog Tags, which is shown by a vertical light from the floor. Kill 20 enemies and collect their Tags to unlock this achievement. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Please refer to 'Modern Art' if you need some more information on the Dog Tags.

Maximum Module 20
Multiplayer: Fully level a Suit Module

Suit Modules can be accessed via the Operative Status>Skill Assignments menu and are like the perks of the game. The Modules are either anything under the Armour, Stealth or Power sections and the general challenges do not count. Each one has a certain target that you need reach to unlock more stuff for them and help them upgrade. You'll first need to buy and unlock one of the perks to see whatrequirements you need to reach before you can start obtaining them.

Some of the easy ones are:
  • Proximity Alarm [Armour Module]
  • Amour Enhance [Armour Module]
  • Armour Melee [Armour Module]
  • Kill Armour [Armour Module]
  • Stealth Enhance [Stealth Module]
  • Covert Ops [Stealth Module]
  • Stealth Assassination [Stealth Module]
  • Side Pack [Power Module]
  • Aim Enhance [Power Module]
  • Weapon Pro [Power Module]
Team Player 10
Be in a squad of at least 3 people and play a full game

A squad is made up of 4 of you in one group. Start up a party and invited 3 other people into it to make it a squad. Now head into any Quick Match and play the full game and at the end the achievement will unlock.

Its doesn't matter who the party leader is, whoever is in the squad at the end of the game, they will all receive the achievement. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Nomad 10
Multiplayer: Play a full game on every map

You'll need to play a full game on each map for this to unlock. You'll have a total of 12 maps to play on:
  • City Hall
  • Downed Bird
  • Evac Zone
  • Impact
  • Liberty Island
  • Lighthouse
  • Parking Deck
  • Pier 17
  • Sanctuary
  • Skyline
  • Statue
  • Terminal
  • Wallstreet
Some maps are not available in certain gametypes like CTR, so you'll have to move onto a different one for it to pop up. You also don't have to play a full game for it to unlock, you just need to be in it when it ends. As long as the map loads and you're there, then it counts.

I got put into a game of Assault right at the end. I was on the respawn screen for 2:00 minutes and the game ended and the achievement unlocked! These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

I Am Not A Number 10
Create your first custom class

When you load up the multiplayer menu you'll notice the Custom Class section. Simply head into it and set up your Gun/Perk class and any extras, then once you exit the achievement will unlock!

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