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Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post

Maximum Module 20
Multiplayer: Fully level a Suit Module

Suit Modules can be accessed via the Operative Status >Skill Assignments menu and are like the perks of the game. The Modules are either anything under the Armour, Stealth or Power sections. Each one has a certain target that you need reach to unlock more stuff for them and help them upgrade. You'll first need to buy and unlock one of the perks to see whatrequirements you need to reach before you can start obtaining them.

Some of the easy ones are:
  • Amour Enhance [Armour Module]
  • Armour Melee [Armour Module]
  • Kill Armour [Armour Module]
  • Stealth Enhance [Stealth Module]
  • Covert Ops [Stealth Module]
  • Stealth Assassination [Stealth Module]
  • Aim Enhance [Power Module]
Another simple one is Side Pack. You can start it from the start, and it's helpful as well since it gives you extra ammo and it's just 500 kills in general.

Also, for Cry Spy, I never had to press X to tag the enemies. I just hovered over them and got the achievement. Other than that, it's a sweet guide. I'll be using it

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