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Originally Posted by Hoborg View Post
I can confirm that general challenges DO NOT count towards the module achievement. You may want to clarify the description. It has to say under rewards "xp + module upgrade"

All of them seem to be kill related.
I said in the description it had to be a Module, aka S, A or P but I added to the sentence.

The Modules are either anything under the Armour, Stealth or Power sections and the general challenges do not count.
Originally Posted by Maka View Post
Proximity Alarm was the easiest max module for me. At the moment I have 4-5 of them maxed and I got it first and easiest. Weapon Pro (fast reloads) was also easy.

Also, PMd you with some video information in terms of video guides.

Feel free to message me with any questions, I have a good base knowledge on the MP and am willing to help anyone out with achievement guides as always.
I'll add that one. Problem is I'm not to sure on some of them and if there stating score, so 200/250, is the base/starting score or simply just that! So I presume its the first out of 3 and think ahead and feel the 2nd/3rd part will be into the 1,000's.

Thanks for these and I've added a few but I didn't like the stealth one. He looked like he took too long and went a silly and more risky route compared to the one currently up, which I used and it worked perfectly!

Originally Posted by Maka View Post
Lastly, everyone's sense of how months work is completely distorted.

A month from January 1st is February 1st, not January 28th. January 28th is 4 weeks from January 1st, and 4 weeks do not necessarily make up 1 month. Unless Crytek can't use calendars nor know grade 2 months of the year, the achievement should unlock for most people on September 22nd (those who started March 22nd).

The method going around where it's 5 months + 4 weeks doesn't make sense. It uses the logic that the first 5 months are counted as ACTUAL months and the last month is counted as 4 weeks. Why on Earth would they do that?

I realize it will take 5 months+ to prove me wrong, but seriously, it makes no sense other than the way I explained at the top of this post.
So, for clearing this up and for the guide, I've put down the date of Friday 25th March. I counted 4 months later (not by 4 weeks, I don't think.) and got the date Sept 23rd. Is that correct?


Updates some of the videos, thanks to Maka pointing out some better versions. I've also added in the little Crytek note about boosting to level 50.

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