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Originally Posted by msparrow117 View Post
I have the GOTY edition and installed the content from disc 2, i read in that this edition comes with all the add-ons (including the shivering isles and the knights of the nine of course) is that true? if so... how do I activate the horse armour, the vile liar, etc...?

I just purchased the GOTY edition myself, though I have been watching my bf play over the course of about a month or so. It is my understanding that GOTY inlcludes only Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles expansions, but none of the other dlc (such as horse armor, vile lair, spell tomes, etc.). Can anyone else confirm? I am definitely want all the extra game content, but I just don't want pay to download it from the Marketplace if it's already in my game somewhere... Thanks!
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