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Originally Posted by LeMansFahrer View Post
OK, maybe I missunderstood the post or took it too personal. No harm done and in this case I agree with you, playing the games is much easier and alot more fun than writing guides. Best regards
No problem

Originally Posted by LeMansFahrer View Post
Yes, you can boost XP that way in Shift 2 as well, but it is really not necessary. You will have more than needed for rank 20 by the time you get towards the end. Try for getting enough money instead of XP, that you will need to buy all the cars.
Yeah I agree, my bro was only 28%% career complete and got his rank 20. Rank 20 will come in time but cash, gotta boost some way or another.

$10 mil is kinda alot.. I think the prize money will help alot
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