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Difficulty multipliers:
Easy: 0.25x
Normal: 1x
Heroic: 2x
Legend: 4x

Multipliers(for the kill)
Grenade stick: 1.25x
Headshot: 1.25x
stealth kill: 1.25x
Road-kill: 1.25x
Multi-kill: 1.25x
Needler superdetonation: 1.25x
EMP: 1.25x

Skull Multipliers:
iron: 3x
black eye: 1.5x
tough luck: 1.5x
catch: 1.5x
fog: 1.5x
famine: 2x
thunderstorm: 1.5x
tilt: 2x
mythic: 2x

Time bonus:
0-15min (3x)
15-20min (2.5x)
20-25min (2x)
25-30min (1.5x)

they are on this site i typed them up for easy copy and paste action because the site is in silverlight.

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