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Originally Posted by Jedi ObiJoe View Post
1. The Dog Tags are in the bin next to the front door. That was not specified in the guide and I had to find them somewhere else.
At the beginning of the Act it says 'EXAMINE BASKET' which is where you get the dogtag from. I will make it a little clearer.

Originally Posted by Jedi ObiJoe View Post
2. During the Bee section where you have to shoot them you can save a bookmark right before you start shooting. If you miss exit out of that part - not the whole game. Hit start and my games - reload the bookmark. After you take down a bee you can exit save a bookmark and go again. It worked for me just fine. I also missed a couple of times - I reloaded the saved bookmark and had no trouble.
Some people have noticed that this didn't work for them, for whatever reason. I added a note saying that you could SAVE between each bee, but I hadn't tested the theory!
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