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Achievement Guide and Road Map

Achievements (in the order you should earn them):

The Chosen One – 5
First Veil passed.

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. You should earn this after finishing the first level.

Puff – 10
30 enemies killed with exploding gel.

It is possible to get this achievement in the third level. You have to kill 30 enemies with the Wakfu-Gel (the blue orbs). Wait until an enemy is near a blue orb then choose your dragon and push LT.

If you wanna boost the achievement go to level 7:
"There's a constant supply of crabs at the beach while searching for the 5 clamp-sisters. Just attract 4 or 5 crabs. Then hover as dragon over the water (the crabs can't follow and will not attack) and kill on until a blue orb drops and push in your lifeforce (LT). As the crabs line up just right to be killed, you'll easily get the 30 kills here." Thanks to Quidac

Guardian – 15
You saved Zora.

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. You will obtain this achievement in the level where you have to save the kids. Zora sits in a cell.

Hater – 5
You destroyed One Manolia.

Choose Nora and go to a flower which isn’t grown up. Push LT until the flower is destroyed.

Botanist – 10
Wakfu gel used to create 10 Manolias chalices.

To create a Manolia you need your platypus. You will get him in level 8. Now you can grab a blue orb and place it on a not grown up flower which is lying on the ground. Then choose your dragon and push LT to create a Manolia. Repeat 10 times and the achievement is yours.

Who's who? – 10
Secret identity of the Platypus uncovered.

To obtain this achievement you have to go in the 8th level where you get your platypus for the first time. After defeating the enemies in the village grab a blue orb with your platypus and go in the “mage’s” room. Place the orb at the end of the room beside the door. Choose your dragon and burst the door. Now take the girl and use the mirror. Move your cursor behind the window so you can shoot the two torches with a single shot (Switch to the dragon and use the mirror to shoot). A door will open and the achievement is yours.

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