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Achievement Guide and Road Map

Platypus – 10
10 Platypus nests found.

Just discover every level to find the caves only platypus can enter. Find 10 of them to earn this achievement. Note: Platypus is available from level 8 on.

Historian – 20
All of the Mysteries of Chibi's Herbarium found.

You have to find all mysteries in the game. A collectible guide can be found HERE.
Thanks to Wynn

Achiever – 40
Met the Goddess at the End of Times. (Initiate mode only)

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. The only thing you have to do is beat the game in initiate mode. After defeating the final boss this achievement should pop up.

Optimized – 35
All Dimensional Arts skills purchased.

You can buy art skills at the shrines in most of the levels. For creating Manolias you will earn honey. Use it to buy the skills. Just purchase all of them.

Worshipper – 35
Collect all Goddess Tears shed in the world.

You have to find all goddess tears in the game. A collectible guide can be found HERE. Thanks to Wynn

Two's a crowd – 5
Beat the Prespic boss in Co-op mode.

Just beat the boss of the third level in co-op mode (Possible in Goddess mode).

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