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Originally Posted by lenyo View Post
Hi guys! I am stucked!
99,45 percentage completed, i have had gain all achievements except the 100%.
I have got all of the collectibles, carnival, the pirate etc... but i need 4 more errands i think.
I ve got 46 right now. Is there any very very secret or a map maybe? I have got that pirate guy too. Could you help me? It is very embrassing! (and my language skills too )
the best advice i could think of is check your room, jimmy has a trophy for each activity toward the 100%. so if you look at a 100% complete room, you can see which you are missing. then just search what that trophy is for? thats the best i can think of, i know he is supposed to have a certain number of trophies.

i have asked this before, but not sure if i ever got a responce. if i missed a winter-time favor, like throwing the snowballs at people or something. are those still available after i beat the game? in other words, if i am STUCK in perminate summertime after beating the game, can i still get those winter errands for students? or are they missable? i stopped trying for 100% after i realized that i had missed a errand from wintertime. def not going to replay the whole game for 100%
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