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Originally Posted by Petey247 View Post
BTW, if anyone has a strategy for the last boss in Unison, I'd appreciate hearing it.
Everyone's different, but here's how I did it...

Viola (Lvl 79)
L1 - White Dagger
D1 - Evil Strike
L2 - Heal Arrow
D2 - Night Arrow

Jazz (Lvl 79)
L1 - Heat Blade
D1 - Geo Blade
L2 - Raven Blast
D2 - Geo Blade

Falsetto (Lvl 79)
L1 - Snow Claw
D1 - Howling Thunder
L2 - Snow Claw
D2 - Willow Strike

Also for Jazz I had this awesome sword called Bezwell's Sword (+220 atk, absorb 20% dmg as HP). He had over 59,000 hps at this point of the game so I was always able to keep him topped off in health even after the worst attacks.

For my items I just used 25 Angel Trumpets. With all of my guys over 50k, these were basically 25000 heals, I'd just let my guys die if they were going to and went all out offense. Honestly I think I only ended up using 10 or 12 of them anyways thanks to Viola's heals during the harmony chains. Also I had recovery gloves on Viola, so that's a free 5000+ HP heal every turn.

Basically from my moveset you can see that I went with all high combo attacks, focusing on building up my combos (enhanced by things like werewolf choker & Falsetto's Lord's Reign weapon). Nearly every time one of my guy's attacked I was able to trigger a 4-6 combo harmony chain. This is just absurd amounts of dmg and even with the boss healing himself for 100k a pop at the end it didn't matter. Entire fight took me maybe 10-15 mins and I did it while chatting on the phone.

If you haven't practiced your harmony chains that's really what you need to do to make this happen. Oh one last note, I had a hard time keeping my chain going after Viola's heal arrows, which is why I moved those to the 2nd wave of special attacks.
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