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What do you want to see in Mirror's Edge 2?

I just picked up the first one yesterday and have not been sleeping much since i got it. I think the story was amazing and the gameplay was fun and challenging at the same time.

I would like a few thins to be added/changed

1. Who wouldn't like a map editor in terms of making your own time trial and being able to let other people download it. Oh wait its EA, so the servers will be shut down with a week of release (over exaggerating the facts, but still come on EA).

2. I want a more free approach to the single player story. I think they could do brilliant things with ME2 if it was semi open world, like a hub city where you could free roam and pick out missions to do, with lots of exploration. Then when you pick a mission you go to a specific level for that mission. Maybe that is too ambitious, but i would love to see more freedom.

3. Multiplayer races. Thats it, no other multiplayer component EA. The ghosts were cool, but races against friends would be awesome

So besides seeing the game actually get released because of the back and forth conversation on whether or not it is cancelled, what would you like to see?
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