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Captain Assault Rank, {Do you need it?}

Hi everyone,

I'm really interested in going after the captain assault rank achievement. Only thing is I can't find anyone who doesn't already have it or is dedicated enough to get it with me.

Is anyone interested in creating a static with me? I want to get a feel if anyone out there needs this achievement also. I'm on Bismarck, but I'm really gung-ho for getting this.

Serious responses only please! You'll need to be dedicated to showing up once/twice a week for a few months, so if you won't be playing for that long or only play casually, don't bother. I want to try to meet Sundays and/or Wednesday nights after 8pm PST.

Send me a friend request through xbox (gamertag "The Bizomb") or respond here if you're interested! Thanks! ^_^
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