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Originally Posted by Shelton View Post
Most viral achievements spread like wildfire. After a couple of weeks, it should be easy to achieve simply by joining random matches.
Yes it's easy in games like gta4 or red dead because you just have to kill someone who already has it but in the case of red river, you have to "HEAL" a development team member or someone who already has this achievement what could be really harder in a coop game. So first you have to find someone who has it in a coop game, he must die and last you have to heal him first; not that easy for me.

And I hope healing is not reserved to a medic class because everyone will be a medic. Just an assumption.

Or everyone will be healing everyone at the beginning of the game!!! Stupid.

Imo, it's a bad achievement that anyways will be boosted.
Or just hope there will be a bunch of developers at the start of the game.

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