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Originally Posted by The Pants Party View Post
Score Piece 20 can only be received by selecting the third option from him, which should start a fight with that pirate lady from before whose name I can't remember. After the fight that guy is gone and you can search the barrels.

I don't think you can do that fight unless you've fought her in the Wah Lava Cave though, so you might need to do that on your second play, because I'm not sure you can backtrack to that spot.
I just started Chapter 6, and I'm unable to get this score piece. I tried multiple times throughout Chapter 5 with no luck. I fought the pirate lady both on her ship and in the Wah Lava Cave.

In the above post, you mention selecting the third option from him; however, talking to him doesn't give me any options. He just says a few lines and stays seated on the barrels. I'm planning on revisiting this on my second playthrough if need be, just wondering if anyone has any feedback on this.

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