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i mainly play expert pro drums, but i mostly play those during the daytime, eastern time zone, since they are the noisiest. i also play expert guitar and bass, better with the bass, obviously because the really hard guitar solos are really hard...for me anyway. i also will play pro keys, mostly on medium and hard as i'm still learning, and i'd love to have someone who plays pro guitar to play keys with, since we'd both be playing only the rb3 songs and wouldn't have to worry about people wanting to play dlc and stuff. and i can do vox if needed.

i have rock band 1 and 2, plus the extra rb2 that had to be downloaded seperately (all those really hard ones), and 75 dlc, all good songs i think. since rb3 has come out, i've tried to keep up on the pro dlc, but only for keys, i've dl'ed the linkin park songs and a couple others like total eclipse and airplanes, etc, but i haven't picked up the pro guitar songs yet, like the queen pack or the bon jovi retool etc.

even if you don't play much, its cool, i'd still like to have a few more friends on my leaderboards. but getting a good four man band and nailing some streaks and setting some high scores would be fun too!
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