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Originally Posted by ShinDgp View Post
Shoot one enemy to score 10 million points

maybe a boss in the second loop or when you reach the 2000 in the soul gauge and kill a boss
I'm sorry, I couldn't think of the suitable translation of "撃ち込み点".
While you keep shooting a durable enemy, you keep gaining points.
The gained points are "撃ち込み点".
What is called "撃ち込み点" in English?

By the way, I unlocked this achievement at loop-1 area-5 boss.

Originally Posted by ShinDgp View Post
and this one ナイスボム (5) --> Nice bomb
I tryed to use bomb just before a bullets hit me I tryed on 12 and more target it must be something else not find yet
try,try-again,try-again,try-again,try-again,and, try, try-again,try-again,

Originally Posted by ShinDgp View Post
and not sure what is Bancho mode maybe a mode you will unlock or it s the select stages mode but I unlocked nothing no wallpaper , pics or hiden character I will buy Eschatos sooner then I thought..
Bancho mode is not locked.

Press or on D-pad, then Bancho mode appears.

Bancho-mode is score-attack mode.

Its regulations are...
  1. Play one of the choosable stages.
  2. Strat the choosed one stage with power full.
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